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2018 Movie Reviews

“Bumblebee” movie review

“Creed II” movie review

“Venom” movie review

“BlacKkKlansman” movie review – ‘A true story of the past with plenty to say for the present’

“First Reformed” movie review – ‘Bresson meets Bickle in latest from Paul Schrader’

“Lean on Pete” movie review

“Disobedience” movie review

“Sicario: Day of the Soldado” movie review – ‘Ambitious sequel aims high but doesn’t nail the hit’

“Bao” short film review – ‘In the mood for dumplings’

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” movie review

“Cargo” movie review – ‘Survival before the Fury Road’

“Midnight Oil: 1984” movie review – Talking truth through the Power and the Passion of music’

“Broken” movie review – ‘Once Were (religious) Warriors’

“The Week Of” movie review – ‘So I guess this is growing up’

“Come Sunday” movie review – ‘God’s Not Dead (but there is room for doubt)’


The Best Films of 2018

The Worst Films of 2018

2018 Memorable Moments in Film

An introduction to The Criterion Collection: ten films for cinema lovers

An introduction to Linoleum Knife

Retrospective Movie Reviews

“Hamlet 2” retrospective movie review – ‘An ode to creativity and free expression’